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 I’d always wanted to have a go at pole fitness – but to be honest never made the effort.  How I wish I had met Kezia years ago!

Not quite sure of what to expect, I arrived at her lovely private studio to be welcomed and put at ease straight away. From the moment I arrived she made me feel comfortable and relaxed, and I gingerly gave the moves a go – just one-by-one, being coached and coaxed at a pace that worked for me.  As my confidence and eagerness grew I was gradually encouraged by Kezia and was soon flinging myself around having the time of my life!  Feeling exhilarated after my session – I felt like a ‘new me’.  Pole fitness is a great workout – from the inner core, to the arms, to the legs and importantly to the BIG SMILE and sense of achievement at the end. I’ll definitely be back!


 I had never thought of taking pole dancing classes as a form of exercise before, I thought it was just for extremely fit people! I was looking to tone more than lose weight and wanted to strengthen my core muscles. I don’t like gyms or high impact classes.

After meeting with Kezia in her studio, I felt relaxed and realised the one to one coaching with such a spectacular and calming river view was exactly what I was looking for.

Kezia has the patience of a saint (I’m not too well co-ordinated) she talks you through all the moves, walks through them and helps you prepare and execute. It did take me a few lessons to really start to want to come back for more, purely because this was something very new and a challenge.

I am now on my second round of courses, my upper body strength has improved greatly, my core muscles are much stronger which has really helped with a lower back problem and I now confidently use the pole with Kezia’s continued guidance and can’t wait for my next class.

I really enjoy my sessions at Riverside Pole and Kezia is a fantastic teacher.


I thoroughly enjoyed my taster session with Kezia. Working with the pole was surprisingly difficult yet explained in simple terms so I had a clear picture in my mind of what I was trying to achieve, even if it didn’t quite turn out like that! I can see that it is something that could get quite addictive, it combines the fun elements and femininity of dance with fitness training so is quite exhilarating yet very demanding on the muscles. 


 I had previuosly started learning pole whilst away on holiday but unfortunately had a fall (not pole related!) fractured my wrist and wasn’t able to continue.

Eighteen months later and feeling like I would like to give it a try again I was recommended to Kezia at Riverside Pole and Fitness and I am so pleased I was.

The studio is bright and airy with a stunning view of the river.
Kezia is not only a talented and professional instructor she is also encouraging and patient and explains and demonstrates moves that will suit you and your body. You will be amazed at what you are capable of!

If I can do it at 60+ then anyone can -give it a go you’ll love it. 


Totally recommend giving this a go. Loved doing the beginners course – it catered for all abilities and I gained loads of confidence. Love pole fitness!


I learned more in one private lesson with you than I learned in six months at another pole fitness studio. Thank you.



After seeing the miraculous and elegant things Kezia can do on the pole it’s motivated me to learn! Kezia is an inspiration and has a lovely, happy manner to her teaching. Definitely recommend.


For the first time in a zillion years I loved exercising. I think I may ache tomorrow but it was so much fun that I don’t care! Loved my lesson, I can’t wait to learn more.



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