How to get ready for your pole fitness photoshoot

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Next week at Riverside Pole and Fitness we’re having our first student photoshoot. Pole fitness photoshoots are really exciting: as well as helping you document your progress they’re a great way to showcase your hard work to friends, family and anyone who asks you what you do in your spare time.

While turning up on the day and rocking the pole will get you far, a little advance prep will help you enjoy the shoot more and ensure you get the best possible pictures.

So what can you do? Here are 10 top tips to get you good to go.


1. Get plenty of sleep

Whether or not you’ll be wearing makeup, you’ll look and feel better if you have rested beforehand. Getting on the pole tired will make your moves feel more difficult, so have a few early nights in the run up (and some lie-ins if your schedule allows).


2. Fuel your body

Some people worry about bloating bellies, but getting on the pole without having eaten anything is not a great plan. A lack of energy makes it difficult to grip or hold poses long enough to get a good shot – so make sure you have something light and nutritious before you set out.


3. Stay hydrated

Like a few full nights sleep, a few days of good hydration can make all the difference to your skin. Healthy skin grips the pole better and will shine in your pictures, and drinking more will leave you feeling energized and good to go.


4. Wear something you’re comfortable in

It can be tempting to wear a brand new outfit for your shoot, but if you have something in mind then it’s sensible to go out a week in advance and try it on the pole beforehand. This way you can make sure nothing blocks your gripping points or slips out of place, and you’ll feel confident rather than self-conscious on the day.


5. Work out which poses you want to show

Pre-plan your list of tricks. It can help you feel in control rather than stressed and confused, and it also means you can practice those particular moves beforehand to make sure everything is perfect.

If you write them down in order, a great tip is to do the easiest moves first to warm up and get ready for the more difficult ones. By that time, your skin should be nice and grippy and you should be in full model mode!


6. Pick poses that are comfortable

Simple poses are often the prettiest because you can focus more on the detail than on holding yourself in position, which will make for a really flattering shot. Anything that you can hold securely for a few seconds can be photographed, but be aware that your face usually shows it if you’re struggling in a pose.

If you only just nailed a pose but still want to show it off, put it in at the end of your list and warn the photographer that they might need to be quick to capture it.


7. Think about angles

Because professional photographers use tripods and studio lights for the best pictures, it can make it more difficult for them to move around you when shooting. While I can always help you on the day, it really helps if you know where to position your body to be facing at the right angle to your ‘audience’ (this is also great practice for your routines).

Bring a notebook to your next practice and make a note of where you turn when you get into particular moves. This is especially useful if you know you spin a little when you go into a setup for a pose! Armed with this knowledge, you’ll have to do less work on the day to get into position, and can save your energy for extra poses.


8. Point your toes

Unless your foot is flexed to hold you on the pole, pointing your toes is a great way to lengthen your legs and make all your poses look beautifully polished. Practice your toe point in your moves: I’ll prompt you on the day!


9. Play with your hand positions

Like pointed toes, delicate, elegant hands can completely change a picture from something good to something great. Practice different hands with different tricks – a fist can look powerful on your Superman, but will look a little odd with your Ballerina!


10. Smile

If in doubt, be sure to smile. Try and relax and enjoy the experience of the shoot while you’re playing on the pole – that will shine through and give you some great pictures.


Oscar Studio Shoot

Oscar’s top tip? Relax and enjoy yourself!


  1. Linda Scannell | 7th October 2015 at 8:16 pm

    Great advice Kezia. Wish all my clients were as organised as you. Looking forward to next week’s shoot.

    • Kezia | 15th October 2015 at 1:15 pm

      The shoot was amazing, we had so much fun! Can’t wait to get the pictures up on the website.


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