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If you’re looking to get fit in a way that’s FUN so you’ll always feel motivated to keep going, and you want to build your strength and feel more confident, then you’re in the right place.

Classes are held in a private studio in Bidford on Avon. 

Classes are one to one (or you can bring a friend along with you!). We’re open Monday to Saturday, early ’til late.


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Pay as you go pricing: £32 an hour (on a 1:1)

Block of 5 classes: £150 (£30 an hour on a 1:1 basis)


Please enquire for private groups of 2 or 3.

I LOVE teaching beginners! Pole is a fun way to build your strength and fitness levels, and we do this as we go along. You don’t need to be super fit to get started.

The nicest thing about my studio is that all classes are one to one – so it’s just you and me! That means we can work at a pace that suits you, and do the things that you most enjoy. If you have specific fitness goals, let me know and we’ll make sure to factor that in.

Pole is amazing for building strength all over your body, including your core. It’s a strength and cardio workout – think gymnastics and dance combined. Great for toning up too.

You are not able to participate in classes if you’re pregnant or for 12 weeks after you’ve given birth (please check with your doctor to be sure you’re ready to start a new exercise regime). 

The pole can support up to 14 stone in weight. 

If you’re unsure whether you’re physically ready to start pole fitness, I’d advise you first to speak with your doctor or other medical professional.

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