Welcome to Riverside Pole and Fitness

Riverside Pole and Fitness pole dancing classes Pole fitness is a new way to exercise. You won’t just get fitter; you’ll also gain strength, self-confidence and resilience.

Learn with me in a private or small group class at a beautiful studio close to Alcester and Stratford Upon Avon.

Come to increase your confidence, tone up, get stronger and fitter or just to have fun.

Why pole fitness?

There are many exercise classes you could take, but nothing will make you feel as fit, strong and sassy as pole fitness can. Your body is amazing, and strengthening through pole fitness classes will show you exactly what it’s capable of.

Riverside Facilities

Train in a space designed to make you feel relaxed and confident, with beautiful views over the river Avon and surrounding countryside. The rural setting is close to Stratford Upon Avon and Evesham and an easy commute from Redditch.

Private Classes

Experience personal training with a difference. Work one on one with me, or bring a friend and see the benefits of pole fitness classes together. Your workouts will always be fun, challenging and tailored to meet your goals.

Small Group Classes

Local evening classes are also available if you prefer group fitness training. Locations include village halls and leisure centres: private parties and regular sessions can be arranged.

New to pole fitness?

Take advantage of 20% off your first private pole class. Learn the basics to get you started, including how to move with the pole, transitions, slides and spins to build your strength and fitness while having fun.

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